Andre Melville Building Design & Drafting Services

Well, this is the first Blog for Andre Melville Building Design & Drafting Services, we also like to call our self’s AMBD for short, as you can imagine saying the company name every time you answer the phone feels like it sometimes takes forever.

AMBD (Andre Melville Building Design & Drafting Services) is a small residential, commercial and industrial Building Designer & Drafting firm specializing in Building Design & Drafting services on the Gold Coast, from small renovations to large commercial and multi-residential projects. Our team consists of Qualified Building Designers, Draftsman, Contract Draftsman, Project Managers, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers.

Building Design Drafting Services

AMBD brings to the forefront over fourteen years experience in many different fields catering for all types of clientele, whether it be the home renovator, small builders, and developers to large corporate developers and investors.

Our understanding of the current environment and its ability to change very quickly from a clear sunny beautiful Queensland day to a very tropical monsoonal weather and natural disasters such as fire and earthquakes that can be experienced in Queensland gives AMBD the edge in there approach to Building Design Drafting Services.

Every project is different and this gives AMBD the leading edge in modern building design & drafting services for there clients.

Whats to come and how can Andre Melville Building Design & Drafting Services help you in your next project

Over the many weeks we will talk about topics such as new and innovative building products and advancements in construction tools and general tops like building design and drafting licences in Queensland and the how to and what not to do when looking at renovating your next projects, how the economy is affecting the current construction market and many more topics.

So keep a lookout for the next post in the coming days or send us an email to  with a topic you would like us to discuss here, or check out our Facebook page and wright on our wall.