New Laws Expanding the Scope of the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme Commence on 28 October 2016

In case you haven’t heard there have been various changes to the home warranty scheme as a result of an inquiry by a Parliamentary Committee into the former Building Services Authority. What is the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme? As part of the regulation of Queensland’s building industry, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) administers a home warranty scheme to provide insurance cover for loss where a building contractor fails to complete residential construction work or to rectify it. The Scheme applies to work for detached houses, [...]

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2017 – Increased Interest Rates Even if RBA Holds?

Australian’s record run of low interest is allegedly over and rates are most likely to increase in the new year even if the Reserve Bank officially has it on hold. Australians should get ready for rates to rise in 2017 to cool the hot property market. The Australian property market has seen steady increases of around 3% per annum since the 1970s. Since the 1990s, however, prices have risen by around 6% per annum. In the late 2000s, house prices in Australia, relative to incomes, were at [...]

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Two New Apartment Buildings in the Heart of Southport

The AMBD team proudly presents its two new projects. A lot of work has gone into designing and drafting up these two big apartment buildings in Queen Street.  They are located in the heart of Southport, with the very best it has to offer conveniently within reach. Both buildings come with breathtaking views and beachside-living coupled with the convenience of location. These brand new apartments are finished to a high standard and will have you amazed from any floor. Apartment Features Both Queen Street Apartment buildings consist [...]

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The Importance of Compliant Threaded Cyclone Rod

Houses in cyclone-prone regions have to be built to withstand strong winds. The key to protecting against the sucking force or ‘uplift pressures’ created by cyclones, is to ensure that all the parts of the house are securely fixed together and down to the foundations. In the worst-hit areas of Queensland, 2011’s Cyclone Yasi ripped off 20 percent of roofs fitted in the 1980s, before cyclone-resistant building measures were implemented. Only 3 percent of roofs installed afterward were lost. There is a lot of information on how often a [...]

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2 New Projects in Australia’s Fastest Growth Area on the Northern End of the Gold Coast

Broadwater Avenue is only meters away from the Broadwater and so close to the prestigious Sanctuary Cove, Hope Island Resort and the Marina Quays shopping.  It is in walking distance to the recently approved Woolworths/Aldi Shopping Centre and local bus transport. These new tranquil townhouses are strategically positioned in Australia's fastest growth area on the Northern end of the Gold Coast, around 100 meters from the Broadwater. The northern Gold Coast's Hope Island is home to the upmarket Sanctuary Cove and Hope Island developments, which have grown in [...]

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How Does The New President Donald Trump affect The Australian Property Industry?

On 9th September 2016, after a long and very controversial campaign, Donald Trump became president of the United States. The Real estate mogul and celebrity billionaire Donald Trump claimed the Presidency in a very surprising and historic result. So what does this all have to do with the Australian property industry? It's not clear yet, how this will affect our property industry.  We can only try and predict what will happen. If Clinton had won, it probably would have been mostly business as usual for the Australian property market, apart from a slight boost [...]

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“L” Brackets – Best Method of Restraining tops of Internal Walls

In a recent audit of north Queensland building sites, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC)  identified quite a few builders restraining the tops of internal timber walls by firing framing nails into metal ceiling battens installed onto the underside of roof truss bottom chords. This is a non-compliant building practice as it is not in accordance with Australian Standards AS1684 or AS4440. The QBCC revealed that this non-compliant method is widespread. However, when construction work of this nature is found, contractors are obliged to rectify construction and bring into conformity with Australian Standards [...]

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