Your project will benefit greatly from our knowledge and experience in many varied facets of design, management and construction. We provide a service that extends well beyond preparing a set of drawings. AMBD guides you through the Design and Construction process from start to finish.





The services to be provided by AMBD and the responsibilities of each party are set out clearly in a formal contract, referred to as the Client & Building Designer Agreement.

Preliminary Design Services

  • Assistance in developing Design Brief
  • Inspect and assess site conditions and constraints
  • Undertake preliminary analysis of Local authority regulations and requirements
  • Provide sketch, site plans, floor plans and elevations
  • Arrange and attend meetings with client, authorities, and sub-consultants
  • Obtain original title plan and any council plans
  • Set a realistic timeframe and budget for the project

Design Development Services

  • Obtain Sub-consultants quotes
  • Provide recommendations for fees and appointment of sub-consultants
  • Develop the approved Sketch design into a final design solution
  • Creating drawings including, Site Plan, Floor Plans, and preliminary sections
  • Provide schedules of material and finishes
  • Prepare Colour Schemes on request

Approval Process

  • Prepare drawings at the appropriate scale including, Site Plan, Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections and other construction details required
  • Coordinate and integrate design work of sub-consultants
  • Provide schedule of finishes and colours
  • Assess the design against the NCC (National Construction Code of Australia)
  • Assess the design against the QDC (Queensland Development Code)
  • Prepare necessary documents for planning approving if required
  • Assist client with lodging any associated applications or submit documents for building approval to either the Local Authority or private certifier

Construction Phase

  • Guidance through the building phase
  • Help select suitable builders
  • Obtain appropriate prices for construction
  • Monitor progress and standards, supervise safety on site, liaise with other specialists and oversee the construction through to successful completion.

Construction Contracts & Final Certificate

  • Assist with tender process
  • Prepare tender recommendation
  • Assess, negotiate and close preferred tenders
  • Organise contract documents for signing by both parties
  • Provide supplementary details, instructions, and information to builder
  • Coordinate sub-consultants
  • Administer any variations to the contract
  • Assess progress claims and issue progress certificates
  • Arrange and attend site meetings
  • Prepare defects lists prior to practical completion
  • Inspect rectification and issues notice of Practical completion
  • Assess the final contract account
  • Issue final certificate on completion of all defects
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