Project Description

The Sovereign Drive Duplex is located in Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast which is primarily a residential suburb, featuring many homes built along artificial canals and lakes, including the 17-hectare fresh water Lake Hugh Muntz.

Design Brief

To be able to create this new duplex, the removal of the existing single story residence  was required to redevelop the site to create a duplex addressing all street frontages.

This was a corner wrapping block so there was no qua re boundaries to use particular for the main corner building on the site.


The client wanted to have the concrete look on some parts of the external house with out the added expense of a tilt up concrete panel wall system.

We were able to use a Microcement Resin Stucco render finish which ticked all the boxes for the client which was supplies and installed by the skilled team at RenderX.

Innovation in Desing

In one of the dwellings we created a plunge pool with a sunken fire pit area which is separated by 80mm piece of laminated glass, so when you sitting in the sunken fire pit you are at the same level as the pool.

The full height of the stair void windows setoff by the crazy Strone render externally. The feature 2 tone render internally provided for a feature stairwell theat had two functions, one of visual art and one of practical use.

The use of feature render was also highlighted in both the master bathroom walls and also in the feature powder rooms.

Built Form

Each of these Dupliex dwelling in total only takes up a total of 40% of the site area, each Duplex dwelling has a generous outdoor living space which both had a plunge pools and fire pits as well as area for the kids to play