Project Description

The QCV Sarina, The village with 600 rooms offers mining workers a home far away from home. This village was designed to provide cost-effective accommodation to support major local projects, such as the Hay Point Expansion Project and other upcoming projects planned for the region.

This was a difficult site to work with as there were many contours that we had to consider. We achieved the best result by changing the orientation of the building to minimise as much cutting of the site as possible. The accommodation units feature now picturesque views and nice breezes.

This village has a fully catered kitchen which not only provides meals for the workers whilst living there but also caters for the workers’ lunches for when they go to their job sites. There are two full-sized Gyms, recreation halls, access to internet and Golf course and much more.

The location of the village, between dam and lake, offer beautiful views seen from all different areas of the site. The site also backs onto an existing bush area which if filled with wildlife. The spectacular views of the cane fields and mountains are captured from many aspects of the accommodation units.

Cost: $35m