Finding the Right Building Designer for Your Project

Thinking about building or renovating and looking for the right building designer to complete your drawings and guide you through the design and construction process? Then consider the following points to help you make the right decision.

Firstly, make sure that you select a building designer who is licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (

Next, you should ensure that the building designer can demonstrate a certain level of experience and success in projects similar to yours.

In some cases, choosing a building designer who was recommended by a friend might be the way to go and can lead to a successful project.

However, if you want to ensure that your chosen building designer is up to date with the latest information and product, select a BDAQ member (

Once you have shortlisted a few building designers who tick the above-mentioned boxes, it is important to discuss the following: Your design ideas, involvement in the project, the scope of work and your budget.

Ideas:  Make sure you communicate your vision as precisely as possible. Finding a building designer who understands your design brief and offers constructive advice is crucial.

Involvement in the project: Some building designers will adopt your ideas and others will try to explore their own design solutions to meet your design brief. It is crucial to be on the same page and understand their design process.

The scope of work: Be as precise as possible when describing your project and what you require. Communication is key here. Do you only need drawings or do you require any other services (e.g. council approvals, recommendations, tendering)?

Budget:  Do your homework and let the building designer know what your construction budget is. This will ensure that the building designer can custom design an extension, house or building that is within your budget and includes your wishes and needs. Having an understanding about the drafting fees and how they are charged goes hand in hand with choosing the right level of service you require.

Questions: Never hesitate to ask questions. Design and documentation are a very important part of your building project. Having all your questions answered will give you peace of mind and avoid any miscommunication.


This is only a guide, as the important points mentioned may vary depending on the nature of your proposed project. However, selecting the right building designer is key in achieving a successful building project.

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