From 3 July 2017, Queensland will operate under new planning legislation which will replace the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. The new planning scheme provides the basis for securing the liveability, sustainability, and prosperity of our communities. The legislation aims to deliver a more transparent and efficient system that not only contributes to investment and jobs but embraces genuine community engagement.

Who will benefit from the new planning System?

  1. Better for the Community
  • New bounded code assessment with clear and unambiguous code provisions will give the industry and community greater certainty
  • Councils and the state government will now be required to publish reasons for development decisions.
  • Etc.
  1. Better for Jobs
  • Existing legislation has been reduced by more than 300 pages to create a more simplified Act
  • More certainty in development decision-making to create investment and jobs through clear and unambiguous code provisions
  • Provides a simpler development assessment process, which will translate to more jobs on the ground
  • Reducing red tape in the development application process, through a significant reduction in required forms
  • Retains the role of the State Assessment Referral Agency to provide a one-stop shop for state approvals for development decisions
  • Etc.
  1. Better for The environment, heritage, and sustainability
  • Ecologically sustainable development at the heart of the planning system for future generations
  • Better protection for heritage buildings
  • Recognition of climate change and the need for development to measure potential impacts
  • Climate change recognized and the requirement for development to measure potential impacts
  • Etc.

The new legislation will provide the foundation for Australia’s best planning system and put Queensland at the forefront of contemporary planning practice and prepare the way for a renewed focus on quality planning and development outcomes. Learn more here: